Southbound Loopframe – South America On A Moto Guzzi

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Southbound Loopframe – Bruce Baillie’s Trip to South America

Bruce Baillie and Moto Guzzi

Bruce Baillie and his 1969 Moto Guzzi

On Friday, I had a new front tire installed on the Street Glide at Willy’s Motorcycles in Nanaimo. The tire that I had installed is a Dunlop American Elite III, which you would normally see on an older Goldwing. After I have ridden with this tire for a few klms, I will report my findings on the performance of this tire versus the Dunlop D402 which 2008 Glides are factory equipped with.

I had left the bike with Willy for a couple of hours, and had returned to pick it up after lunch. When I arrived at the shop to pick it up, a rough looking biker showed up on an old black Moto Guzzi, and parked beside a shiny newer bike of the same make. Willy looked up from the Ducati he was working on and shouted “Are you dropping off the old one and taking the red one?” The fellow replied, “I think I should take the Harley instead!” At which point, Willy responded, “you had better talk to Bruce about that first!”

Moto Guzzi Exhaust Repair

Moto Guzzi Exhaust Repair

I did not give Willy’s response any special thought, and went over to check out the old Moto Guzzi. The fellow told me that it was a 1969, and when I mentioned the stickers plastered all over the bike, he told me that he had just returned from South America. It was at that point that I introduced myself….”Hi I’m Bruce Bailey.” The response I got was a puzzled look….as if I was from outer space! When I repeated myself, the fellow looked me in the eye and said “Me Too!”. It turns out that he was a fellow that I have been confused with by several people over the years, as he is Bruce Baillie from Ucluelet, just a few miles across the island from Nanaimo.

As Bruce had mentioned, he has just returned from an exiting year long trip from Vancouver Island to South America and back. He traveled as far as Buenos Aires, before returning home. Rider Magazine has published a story about his trip in their June 2013 issue. There is also a thread called “Southbound Loopframe” about Bruce’s trip on the forum that is an interesting read.

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Harley Rider who has lived on Vancouver Island for most of my life, and worked in the construction field for the past 20+ years. I try to spend most of my holiday time and weekends touring on my Harley Street Glide.
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